Our company, which has been operating in the production of office furnitures for many years, was registered with the BIOFIS brand in 2014 and continued to produce office furniture, office chairs and sofas. BİOFİS has taken its place among the leading companies in the sector in a very short time with its expert staff, quality standarts, innovative structure and customer-oriented work. BİOFİS aims to offer quality with its wide range of products, years of experience in the office furniture sector and aesthetic - ergonomic designs to our valued customers on time with its extensive sales and service network.


BİOFİS understands customer needs and expectations in the best way, constantly improves and renews itself, differentiating the lifestyles of its customers, prioritizing customer satisfaction, quality for more livable places, producing human and environmentally friendly products, and works to build a world company who is taken as an example by its competitors by shaping the future's offices.


BiOfis aims to be a world brand that produces information-solutions, adds value to the lives of its customers and designs products and services that make them different with its flexible structure and developing technology, being aware of the changing needs without ever contenting with the success of its services.


  • As BiOfis, we aim to prevent waste of raw materials and energy, minimize waste and support recycling for the protection of natural resources.
  • We comply with all local and national environmental laws and regulations.
  • When preparing projects related to products and processes, we try to prevent pollution at source by taking environmental effects into consideration.
  • In order to achieve success in the environment, all our employees are informed and trained to gain individual responsibility..


The goal of BİOFİS is to establish, maintain and continuously develop an effective and sufficient quality system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system standard, which is planned and developed together with other management functions, responds to customer needs. To provide measurable improvements in every stage of our processes, to be in an innovative and competitive line, to continuously improve systems, to ensure the continuity of development in our products and human resources, to adopt continuous improvement as a way of life, to act with advancing technology.

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